First class meteorological instruments. Measuring masts.

 Design. Manufacturing. Installation and sensors assembling. Maintenance. Dismantle and relocation.




Ultrasonic anemometers



Solar modules

Temperature / humidify sensor 



Equipment boxes

Precipitation sensor

Solar sensor

wind measuring sensors masts

Obstacle lights 

Wind vanes


Met masts


Pressure sensors




Data loggers  


Communication system






Progress LTD is one of the leading companies which provides manufacturing and installation of met masts up to 150 m and supply of professional high-accuracy meteorological instruments.



We provides a full cycle of wind measuring masts building, which includes:

-          Metal mast design services considering specific site conditions;

-          Manufacturing of masts and equipment brackets;

-          Foundation works and mast installation;

-          Wind sensors and meteorological sensors supplying;

-          Anemometers, wind vanes, data loggers, sensors mounting;

-          Aviation lights, Earthing, Fencing;

-          Scheduled and unscheduled  maintenance;

-          Replacement and recalibration of sensors;

-          Steel constructions and meteo sensors dismantle;

-          Relocation of measuring stations.


Progress LTD company has been official representative of Ammonit company since 2013.

Ammonit is one of the leading companies among data logger manufacturers. It also provides delivery of high quality meteorological instruments all over the world.

Anemometers, wind vanes, data loggers, humidify, pressure, temperature, precipitation, solar sensors, which are used for assessment energy yields according to International Quality Standards. All the sensors can be calibrated if required.


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